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Welcome to SolidCrete Civil Construction
Company Structure
Company Background
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Basil Read (N1)
Raubex (R21)
Stefanutti Civils (N1)
G4 Civils (N3)
Protech Kuthele (Gautrain)
T NET Systems (N1)
Umbizo Earthing (R21)
General Maintenance
Road Marking
Welcome to SolidCrete Civil Construction
Civil Construction | Concrete Contractors | SolidCrete
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Open Lined Concrete Drains
Construction of crane base
Concrete work for new toll gate
Construction of barrier base & packing of pre-cast U-drains
Reno mattresses & gabion retaining walls
Laying of storm water pipes
Stone pitching
Erosion Protection
Concrete open lined drains
Wing walls and stone pitching
Energy breakers
Installation of pre-cast junction boxes
Concrete reinforcement over old main water lines
Subsoil drains
Concrete slabs under bridges
New Paving under Bridges - R21
Stone pitching
Installation of bridge nameplates
Packing of pre-cast U-drains
Storm water pipes
Packing of curbs
Installing of canter lever traffic light and booms
Traffic boom plinths
Various works done in Potgietersrus
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